Wholesaling School Course

By the end of this 8-week class, you’ll have learned AND PRACTICED:

  • Pulling together the resources you need to find, evaluate, and sell deals

  • Finding the values of properties so that you can make the right offer

  • Estimating the repair costs so that you can confidently ask the right price

  • Finding the deals from a variety of on and off market sources

  • Putting properties under contract safely and correctly

  • Finding buyers and getting the deal sold (even in oddball situations like when the house is occupied)

  • Guiding the deal to a successful closing

The Last Wholesaling Course You’ll Ever Need

My name is Vena Jones-Cox, and I’ve made literally millions of dollars wholesaling houses. After hundreds of deals and 2 decades in the business, I know the most direct route from zero to profit, and I also know that if you want a long-term, sustainable business, you need to treat people right, do what you say you’ll do, and cross and dot your metaphorical t’s and i’s. About 15 years ago, I decided to start teaching other people how to earn the high incomes in wholesaling, too. So I wrote an incredibly detailed manual, created audios and videos, and set out to change people’s lives.

About Me

I am a true, rabid believer in the idea that real estate investing is the best way to achieve financial independence—at least for those of us aren’t going to inherit millions, invent the next iPhone, or win the lottery. I’ve seen it over and over, and I have a hard time relating to people who don’t see it. Yeah, I know that not everyone is cut out to run a real estate business—but people who aren’t the slightest bit interested in owning even one rental property? They confound me. I am also fanatical about the idea that real estate investors, through their activities in turning run down houses into pretty ones, and providing affordable rental housing, and employing people, and paying taxes, and a hundred other things that they do in the course of normal business, are just about the best thing that ever happened to the world.
About Me