Course curriculum

  • 1
    Express Success
    • Welcome to Express Success!
  • 2
    Intro Videos
    • Short -term Exit Strategies: Wholesale and Retail Flips
    • How to Make Money with Effort and Knowledge (not money)
    • Understanding Property Types and Area
    • Intro to Evaluation
    • The Basics of Creative Finance
    • How to Find More Great Deals than You Can Handle
  • 3
    Express Success monthly webclass/group coaching February 2021
    • Monthly webclass/group coaching
    • The Top 5 Habits that Wholesalers Rich (and How to Develop Them)
  • 4
    Legal, contracts, and asset protection
    • Deeds and What They Do
    • Understanding Asset Protection
    • Land Trusts and How to Use Them
    • Understanding Contracts
    • Stop Discriminating!
  • 5
    Business and time management
    • Time Management for Real Estate Entrepreneurs
    • How to Build a Real Estate Business part 1: The Difference Between a Real Estate "Job" and a Real Estate Business
    • How to Build a Real Estate Business part 2: The Difference Between a Real Estate "Job" and a Real Estate Business
    • How to Hire Virtual Assistants
    • How to Do End of Year Planning
    • Millionaire Success Habits
    • Insider Secrets to Better banking
  • 6
    Success and Mindset
    • How to Make Permanent, Positive Changes in Your Business and Life in 2021
    • How to Thrive in Economic Chaos
    • Why You're Failing at Real Estate Investing
    • How and Why to Form a Mastermind Group
    • The Upsides of a Down Market: How to Thrive in Chaos
  • 7
    • Condo's: A Primer for Flippers and Landlords
    • How and Why to Buy a Rental NOW
    • Rentals: Management, Managers, and Budgeting
    • Intro to Rentals
    • How to Find the Value of Multi-Family Properties: The Income Method
    • Rentals: Marketing for Tenants, Applications, and Screening
    • An Introduction to Owning Rentals Right
  • 8
    Creative Financing
    • Real Estate Option Basics
    • How Much More Can I Pay if There's Owner Financing?
    • How to Make Deals from Deals that Aren't Deals
    • A Simple Plan for Getting Private Investors
    • Getting Money from Private Lenders
    • Understanding Lease/Options for Buying and Selling Properties
    • Lets talk land contracts
  • 9
    Alternative Sources of Money: Hard Money, Your IRA and More
    • Using Cash and Credit Partners
    • Understanding Mortgages in Creative Finance
    • Buying "Subject To" the Existing Loan and with Wrap-Around Mortgages
    • How to Use Private Lenders
    • Hard Money and IRAs
    • The Basics of Creative Finance
    • What you Don't Know About "Subject To"
  • 10
    Finding, Negotiating, and Closing Deals
    • How to Get Deals from MLS
    • 4 Things You MUST Do Before You Close Any Deal
    • Introduction to Successful Direct Mail Marketing
    • Deal Finding: Direct Mail Marketing and Shotgun Marketing
    • Deals From Institutional Sellers: Short Sales, REO's and Hedge Fund Properties
    • Deal Finding: Working with Real Estate Agents vs. Marketing Sellers
    • Online Marketing
    • Marketing: Direct Mail vs. Shotgun Marketing
    • Post-Acceptance Due Diligence, and What Happens at the Closing
    • Deals with Institutional Sellers
    • How to Find More Great Deals Than You Can Handle
    • How to Talk to Sellers
    • Understanding Lead Sources
    • Copy of 10 Things I Say to Sellers
  • 11
    Exit Strategies: Wholesale, Retail, Notes, Lease/Options, Land Contracts
    • Let's Talk Land Contracts
    • How to Get Wholesale Deals to Closing: The Processes and the Paperwork
    • Selling Your Wholesale Deals
    • What to do with REALLY Ugly Houses
    • Intro to Repair for Equity Deals
    • How I Sell My Rehabs Fast
    • Short-Term Exit Strategies
    • Controlling Contractors
    • Intro to the Note Business
    • How to Talk to Sellers
  • 12
    • The (Necessary) Art of Estimating Repair Costs Right
    • How to Find the Value of Small Residential Properties
    • Intro to Evaluation
    • Understanding Property Types and Area
    • Intro to Retailing
    • Real Estate Math: Important Formulas, and why they are what they are